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Phuket Yacht Club

Seahorse Sailing Phuket at Phuket Yacht Club. Located in Chalong Bay on Phuket’s protected East Coast this location features mostly calm and shallow waters all year round. Under the guidance of ISSA accredited coaches not only will you learn the fine art of sailing but take home certified, new skills and the experience of a lifetime.

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Junior Sailing

1 Day Weekend

Set sail with us on Saturdays for our Beginner Junior Sailing Program and Sundays for our Intermediate level. In these one-day courses, beginners will learn the basics of boat handling and sail control, while intermediates will enhance their skills under the guidance of expert instructors. It’s a weekend adventure packed with learning and excitement on the water

Group Course
Training sessions are scheduled every weekend,

Saturday: Beginners | Sunday: Intermediates.
Time: Tide dependent (Check on the calendar)

4 Day Courses

The four-day junior sailing course offers young participants a dynamic introduction to sailing, with three-hour sessions each day.

Course take-aways:

  • Connect with nature and learn practical sailing and life skills in a fun, natural environment creating memories that will last forever.
  • Learn sailing knots with your own dinghy line.
  • Participation certificate.
  • Learn to Sail hand-book to continue your sailing journey
Group Course ONLY ON School Holiday
Date & Time: scheduled on the calendar

1 Day Private

Sail into adventure with our private one-day Junior Sailing Class! In just three hours, young sailors will master the basics of boat handling and wind awareness, guided by expert instructors. Whether a beginner or experienced sailor, our class is tailored to your skill level. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the water.

Private sessions
Date: available on weekdays.
Time: Tide dependent (Check on the calendar)

Adult Sailing

Adult Sailing

Discover the art of sailing with our Adult Dinghy Training Sessions. Tailored for all skill levels, these sessions offer a comprehensive introduction to dinghy sailing. No prior experience required. Join us as we navigate the waters together, honing skills and embracing the thrill of the sea. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of learning and adventure

Private sessions
Date: available on every day. 

Time: Check available date and time in the calendar or contact us.

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